AI Based Gun Detection, Shooter Tracking & Mass Notification

- Save lives in mass shootings -

Next-generation gun detection

SafeSchool™ & GunLockers™ are smart video threat detection and response systems using AI technology to detect guns using existing camera system. They use both video and sound detection to identify threat in schools.

Making cameras smarter

Utilizes Our solution does not require any additional camera or systems, utilizing the existing IP cameras that already exist on campus. There is no interruption with the existing CCTV system operations and there is minimal upfront installation cost.

AI powered gun detection

Swift notification

Security staffs or dispatch center can be informed in seconds through messages, emails or mobile apps when gun is detected in surveillance cameras. One-button lockdown could be activated even before gunfire.

Track&report shooters' location

No more blindness in building lockdown. Our patent pending technology can track shooters in real time, actively finding their location and providing updates to police, security, and teachers through text messages, emails, mobile apps, and/or PA announcement.

AI powered gun detection

Automated security workflow

Depending on the organizations policy, our system can automatically initiate lockdown preventing easy entry for the shooter, as well as automatically contacting law enforcement significantly reducing time for response.

About Us

Virtual eForce LLC is a Seattle-based tech company  with mission to prevent mass shooting and save lives. Using the most innovative artificial intelligence (AI) technology, we developed a gun detection, lockdown, active shooter(s) tracking and response system – Gun Lockers & SafeSchool™. Guns can be detected using existing surveillance IP cameras and our machine learning algorithms. Security or dispatch will be notified in no time through our messaging, emails and mobile app services, and they can immediately activate building or campus lockdown after confirmation.