Partnership Program

We make it easy to offer customers cutting-edge AI technology and integrated solution. We sell through channel partners and sale reps. The program is limited to a select group of expert partners who are passionate about bringing a next generation of gun detection and response systems to save people’s lives.

If you fit this mindset, we invite you to join us on our mission to bring value, excellence and innovation to customers. For more information , please contact us.

License Program: We want to support your mission

Virtual eForce is leading the way in researching and developing many new technologies, including suspect tracking, video analytics and integrated solutions to mass shooting. Along the way, we’ve invented industry-leading technologies, which is now available for you to leverage, e.g., active shooter tracking and notification system.

No matter how an organization contributes to the security industry—as a system integrator, service provider, vendor, device manufacturer, distributor/dealer, or corporate consumer—it can count on us to provide the innovative design upon which great ideas are built. For more information about our patent licensing, please contact us.

AI powered gun detection